03.06.2016 - by  Jim Moore

While those of us in Educational Resources still focus the vast majority of our efforts on creating exciting new educational materials for use in the veterinary curriculum, this past year we have started reaching out to students who are a bit younger.  Well, okay, a lot younger.


Our first outreach project was a bilingual iBook about the heart and lungs we created for students in elementary school. Using a combination of rotatable 3-D models, animations and illustrations, this iBook introduces students to the structure and function of the heart and lungs, and does so in English and Spanish. Thus far, this iBook has been downloaded by teachers and students in the US, Canada, England, Spain and Australia, and has been shared with Apple Distinguished Educators worldwide.  Check it out for free at this site:


The second outreach project was a slightly more involved iBook about the heart and lungs for students either in middle school or in high school students their introductory biology course. This iBook covers concepts that students commonly struggle to envision regarding the structure and function of the heart and lungs, particularly in a developing baby. The majority of this book was designed to help students understand the anatomy of the heart and lungs, what occurs in each organ, and how they work together to keep the body functioning. The last part of the book was developed to help students understand what happens to the baby’s heart before and after birth. This iBook is available for <$2 at:


For our third outreach project, we partnering with kindergarten teachers in Athens and Atlanta to create an educational game to help students improve their skills in reading, spelling and math, in English and Spanish. To make sure that we cover topics relevant to kindergarten, the game will address the Georgia Department of Education’s standards for science, English/language arts and math for kindergarten. To make the process fun, animals will be used as the focus of the activities and we will incorporate gaming elements that will let students that master the introductory levels to move forward at their own pace. This project, which will team undergraduate students with skills in 3-D modeling and computer programming, is seeking funding through Georgia Funder.  To learn more about the project, please go to: