07.13.2016 - by  Jim Moore

This summer we’ve enjoyed an influx of new, very talented folks into Educational Resources. They’ve arrived with a variety of backgrounds and skills, and are adding positively to the working environment within the department.  Three of the new people are graduate assistants in the Comparative Medical Illustration Certificate program, and will be with us for the next year. Two of these newly graduated medical illustrators, Stephanie Pfeiffer and Matt Crotts, have joined us after completing their programs at Augusta University, formerly Georgia Regents University, formerly Georgia Health Sciences University, formerly Medical College of Georgia, formerly something else, most likely.  Our third newly minted medical illustrator is Christine Cote, a graduate of the medical illustration program at the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Stephanie, Matt and Christine already are heavily involved in creating illustrations, 3D models and animations for use in the veterinary curriculum and incorporation into interactive iBooks and ePubs. At the end of July, they will attend the Association of Medical Illustrators Conference in Atlanta, where they will be able to participate in workshops designed to improve their skills in specific areas and network with medical illustrators from around the world.


We also have five highly talented students working in the department this summer. Elexus Dorsey and Joe Jones are from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, and the other three, Ryan Zappulla, AJ Giertych, and Zach Ginn, are from the Game Design & Development program at Kennesaw State University. Collectively, they are participating as members of teams to develop apps that address some of Educational Resources’ goals for the coming year. For example, AJ is working with Joe and Dr. Scott Secrest to create an interactive app designed to help veterinary students hone their skills in reading radiographs. Similarly, Zach is working with Dr. Scott Brown and Joe Samson to create interactive modules about cardiac function and glucose homeostasis in health and disease. Finally, Elexus and Ryan are working together with Josh Skelton and two local kindergarten teachers on a new app that uses images of animals to help kids learn how to read, spell and do math.