Where are they now?

11.22.2016 - by  Jim Moore

While our current group of medical illustrators in the Comparative Medical Illustration Certificate program is halfway through their program, we thought it would be good to update you on the status and location of the ones that came before them.


We’ll start with Will McAbee and Tasha Obrin, the first two in the program, both of whom were graduates of the medical illustration training program in Augusta. For starters, they now share the same last name, McAbee, after getting married on October 8th here in Georgia. They now live and work in Boston, with Tasha working as a medical illustrator/animator at the Harvard Medical School, and Will as a digital media instructor at Newton Animations and Video.


Our second group consisted of Ellen Davis and Russell Weekes from Augusta, and Katie Yost from the University of Illinois – Chicago program. After completing the certificate program, Ellen began work at S&A Medical Graphics in Richmond, Virginia. She also is the owner and creative director of Precision Medical Media, and illustrates children’s books staring Amos the energetic dog.


After completing his time with us, Russell is now working with clients through his personal business, Silverleaf Studios LLC. He attributes his ability to provide more in-depth and accurate 2D and 3D services to his clientele to his time in the program. In fact, his clientele has since expanded into the veterinary industry.


Katie landed one of those jobs that most of us dream about. She’s now a medical illustrator in the School of Medicine at St. George’s University on the island of Grenada in the West Indies.  Yep, an island job – who gets one of those?